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“Touch the body. Heal the mind. Calm the spirit.”
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Most Popular Treatments

My most booked treatments are vital for overall health and the balance of "chi" which is the life energy. 

Deep Tissue
60 min $120

Deep tissue massage is excellent for rehabilitation and recovery from exercise or physical stress and strain.

Unlike other forms of massage focusing solely on relaxation, a deep-tissue massage is also used to treat muscle pain and stiffness.

Tui na acupressure
60 min $120
Shiatsu Massage 
60 min $120

The intent of Shiatsu is to enhance overall health, increase blood and lymph circulation, heal injuries, and balance the energies of the body, mind, and Spirit. Most often people feel more balanced and grounded after a shiatsu session.

All Treatments 
$50-$120 1-hour sessions

Scheduling these sessions every 2 weeks is highly recommended for the cumulative results of the work to reach the highest potential for your body and overall health!

Kundalini Reiki 

Fire Cupping



Tui Na


Deep Tissue



Shiatsu Massage

About Me
Healing, from Head to Toe
Originally from Israel, Resided in California, until recently moving to
Tampa, FL. 
Sara is a massage therapist and energy healer, and her soul’s purpose is to
bring healing into this world. 

"I have always loved helping people to see their true selves and fulfill themselves. I knew that before I could take care of others I first had to clear the beliefs that were
blocking me from fulfilling myself. 
During my journey, I took a kundalini reiki course to help me in my everyday
life, healing myself and others.
I am a person who loves working with hands, and as I worked with people I felt I want to know more about the connection between 
the mind and body.
I took the access bars consciousness course which is 32 points on the head that when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that stops you from
feeling joy and ease in your life. 
these points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations
you have stored.  

I am very passionate about the combination between touch therapy and energy healing, and always in progress to learning more about our body, mind, and soul".
Macrame Feathers
Jennifer- St. Pete, FL 
"My legs were very sore from playing tennis, but after 4 sessions with Sara, I feel better and have more energy to run on the court. She is very professional and understands what your muscles require. I highly recommend a treatment with her. "





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Service provided in two locations! 

4513 W Rogers Ave, Tampa

FL 33611

3965 Henderson Blvd, Unit C

Tampa, FL 33629

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